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Why do I need to enable cross-border payment and WeChat Pay?
WeChat Pay is one of the most popular payment methods used by millions of people in China and overseas, it's actually transforming China into a cashless-based society. UAE has a large number of Chinese residents and visitors, to enable this payment method would benefit both the merchants and customers greatly.
What payment methods do you provide?
Currently we're launching WeChat Pay, we have more payment methods on the way.
In which currency will I receive the payment?
Chinese customer pays in RMB and you will receive settlement in local currency i.e. AED.
If customer pays in Chinese currency, how much will I receive in AED?
You will receive the same amount as price given in AED, except that processing fees will be deducted.
How long is the settlement period?
WeChat Pay transfers cross-border settlements on T+1 basis, merchants will receive settlements from partner bank based on their agreement with their bank.
Does your solution support refund?
Yes, our solution supports refund however a refund depends on store policy and the negociation between merchant and the customer.
How to take a payment by WeChat Pay?
In-store payment requires simply scanning the QR code and a few clicks on the app, we will provide instructions documents and training to the staff as per request.

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