Industrial solutions
Providing comprehensive solutions that covers different industries and meets up with all kinds of scenarios
Sync transaction data and stock management, provide simple and efficient payment service, manage multi-level business relations, improve conversion and sales

Based on the location information (words, coordinates) shared by users, the LBS module can provide merchants’ information nearby for the user’s reference, such as stores, hotels, restaurants, and events etc.

Mobile recharge, transportation tickets, flight tickets, cinema tickets, online ticketing etc. Through this service users can easily book tickets by scanning QR code to complete the transaction despite his physical location anywhere around the world.

Integrated portal for smart government, process public services quickly, one-stop convenient municipal services, promote Internet and government innovation, improve the service level. User can pay through WeChat instead of visiting the office.

Quick Service Restaurants
Customers can order online, merchants can promote their brand, new products, attract fans to the store and promote by user sharing through WeChat platform. To help the merchant improve the store, increase exposure and improve service level, enhance operation efficiency, occupancy and recurring sales, in the meantime lower the operation cost.

provide electronic profit distribution, simplify accounting work, streamline management from system, payment to customer service, from product launching, transaction, order to delivery, which greatly saves the company's operation cost and speed up fund transmission.


Cloud based service that saves the cost for expensive hardware and installation.


Flexible Internet access, real time data and query, ready to manage your business.


Versatile features and provisions by service provider, easy to integrate and customize.


Cloud storage and top level of encryption secure your data and funds settle by bank.

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