SaaS Platform
Transaction eco-system which has a payment integration convenient especially for store management system and marketing programs.

EASY Pay + SaaS Platform

Easy Pay + SaaS Platform (integrated payment system) is designed for global PG & PSP companies to meet with O2O, B2B, and B2C cross-border payment requirements. It inter-grates with multiple payment methods including WeChat Pay, Union Pay China & GCC payment gateway, JCB, VISA and MasterCard etc. It incorporated with local partner banks to build the cross-border payment system and meet multiple payment needs.

EasyApp SaaS Flowchart

  • Customers will purchase products and services from merchants.

  • SaaS platform can Integrate payment system with Gate ways, include Store Management to save man power. Store Management is managing membership and coupon activities to attract customers.

  • With the development of SaaS management system applications, data automatic update technology and storage technology, SaaS Platform can provide users with a fast and flexible disaster recovery management solution in multiple data centers.

Integrated Payment System

One-time integration, easily realize multichannel payment, meet up the expectations of different transaction scenarios, provide the perfect payment experience to users, make payment and transactions simpler.

  • One-time integration

  • Multi payment scenarios

  • Omni channel accounting

  • Streamline Management

Store Management

Connect with multi platforms, multi branch levels, conduct spot monitoring, stores and display management, fulfill the needs of multi-level merchants.

  • Multiple Store Management

  • Information Synchronization

  • Sales Management

  • Transactions Live Status

Membership Program

Membership program is a full scenario solution for corporations who have the need for user recharge, withdrawal, credits consumption etc. We build an effective member recruiting, analyzing, communicating and managing tool for corporations.

  • Promotional Notifications

  • Rewards Consumption.

  • Auto Membership

  • Occasional Promotions

Coupon System

Coupon as a key marketing tool, can cover multi-scenario marketing before, during and after the purchase. Flexible coupon modules provided, to link to social media platforms, corporation can customize different types of coupons and distribute and manage the usage.

  • Marketing Engagements

  • Social media connectivity

  • Coupon distribution


Cloud based service that saves the cost for expensive hardware and installation.


Flexible Internet access, real time data and query, ready to manage your business.


Versatile features and provisions by service provider, easy to integrate and customize.


Cloud storage and top level of encryption secure your data and funds settle by bank.

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