EasyApp Mobile Payment Acceptance
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EasyApp Mobile Application

EasyApp enables merchants to accept WeChat payments and view real-time transactions. It provides other modules for merchant management such as store management, electronic accounting, transaction analysis, preferential marketing, customer loyalty programs, etc.

The EasyApp applications is free available to download for Merchant via Apple store and Google Play, login their safety account to access store information, real-time transactions reports and data analysis on their smart phone.

ECR Assistant Application
The EasyApp ECR assistant is free to download for Merchant’s via download and install in their own ECR which is Windows based operating system and login their safety account to access store information, real-time transactions reports and data analysis on their ECR terminal.

EasyApp Merchant System Architecture

Merchants have multiple options to access the system like EasyApp mobile apps, web application and ECR Assistant. Being high-level in nature, each of the following items addresses one aspect of an overall architecture. Each item can potentially have a significant effect on the solution if overlooked or not properly addressed.


Merchants can analyze transaction patterns and details and filter daily, weekly and monthly transaction records.


Multi-store management provides easy access to manage different store's orders and transaction details.


Cashier management provides merchants to manage their cashiers in different stores with account credentials


Facilitate merchants to create, issue and manage their discounted coupons for customers.


Order section provides integrated mobile payment, user input amount and transaction will be processed instantly.


Merchants can view and filter the real-time transactions with details, after customer pays using QR Code payment.


Loyalty progams for customers to pay and become members to enjoy benefits of membership./p>


To join promotional events and showcase merchant’s products to attact customers to promote sales./p>

  • Merchant Self-Service

    • Manage transactions and Installment plans for existing ECR.

    • Dashboards which give merchant quick view of number of successful and failed.

    • Transactions in a given period.Integrate to e-commerce platform with SDK file development.

    • Process batch transactions and Issue full or partial refunds.Issue coupon to promote sales via WeChat marketing.

  • Merchant Portal
    Cashier Page

    • Store summary for receivables, fees and settlement received.

    • Transaction searching option via multiple information.

    • Daily updates amount summary for payment receiving and settlements.

    • Helpful to get the details of multiple stores on click and manage the store staff.

  • Data Analysis &
    Account Information

    • Helps merchants to review their daily transaction and payment details.

    • Shows the daily refunds amount and successfull transactions via all payment schemes.

    • Shows the account information, amount, number transactions and stores

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