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Providing easy integration with gateway APIs
Based on the location information (words, coordinates) shared by users, the LBS module can provide merchants’ information nearby for the user’s reference, such as stores, hotels, restaurants, and events etc.

Born for SmartPay

5.5 inch HD touch screen, with e-signature.

Android 5.X

4 Core CPU + Secure CPU, with Android OS.

Full Certified
All-in-one Payment

Support Magnetic Strip Card, IC card, contactless/NFC etc.

Dual Cameras
Front and back dual camera.
Quick to capture barcode and QR code, support wechat pay, Alipay etc.
Smart Applications

Product Description

Committed to providing you with one-stop business management cloud platform. Let each store make full use of the Internet, enhance customer spending experience, guide customers to secondary consumption, improve store management efficiency, the customer into a loyal member, enjoy a sustained and stable profit return is treasurer pay the vision. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to driving the development of physical business with the financial power of science and technology.

EA is a business services tool that provides integrated smart payment integrated services and marketing solutions. After completing the bank registration and opening a merchant account, the merchant can realize the functions of cash register and account management, membership management, intelligent marketing, and analysis of the operating conditions. Cashiers provide "cash register + marketing" a set of solutions that help 360 professional management business to improve revenue, millions of consumers, millions of businesses to provide safe and convenient payment services. Features.


    Support WeChat payment, Alipay, QR Code pay and other mobile payment methods, exchange rate computer accounting management.

   Quickly enter the goods, management of goods and classification, generate sales reports.

   Cashier multi-account management system.

    member management system, automatically become shop members after the payment is successful, track member consumption.

    Smart marketing, coupons, set printing, points, cash back, recharge a variety of marketing activities, easily add new customers pull.

    Data management analysis, dynamic control of business conditions and marketing effectiveness.

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