• Unique Payment Technology
    The secure and safe platform allows merchant to integrate multi mobile payment schemes with real-time transactions and membership loyalty programs.
  • Connect Business Easily
    A capacity to lead the businesses with efficient turnover acceleration, easily to access mobile payment customer globally.
  • Mobile Payment Solution
    Simple integration at point of sale on face to face payment and e-Commerce online payment, industrial services includes: Retails, Hospitality, QSR, Tourism and Public Services etc.

About EasyApp

EasyApp presented by Easy Pay Company is a user-friendly app for merchants that provides real time data and records for businesses, it only facilitates Mobile Pay users to pay for products and services via EasyApp.

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“Unique payment solution connect business easily.”

How does it would be beneficial for Businesses

If your business needs to target the millions of Chinese audience, it is very important therefore to cater for user's interests and mobile payment habit, and ensure that you make the most of the opportunities it offers.

Attract more customers with strong digital marketing support and free promotion resources helps merchant drive business growth rapidly.

Manage multi payments transactions online, reducing team operation time and costs.

Provides the summary of transactions details with accurate measures and avoid settlement delays.

High-level security processes and protect data properly, multiple frauds prevention and funds safeguard by local bank.

Welcome to the Smart Solution of Face to Face pay & Shopping Online
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Merchant Platform

It facilitates merchant easily process mobile payment users to pay for products and services via EasyApp, which provides the real-time orders summary for daily and accumulative business transactions report.
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  • Mobile payment order operation
  • Real-time sales transaction records


  • Payment Transaction data analysis
  • Auto- Information Synchronization


  • Multiple Store and Cashier Management
  • Promotion Event management


  • Membership with coupon plugin
  • Social media marketing connectivity

Partner Platform

Secure and efficiency web portal helps partner manage thousands of merchant/ MID's, with features of add/edit merchant profile, detailed transaction summary of all merchants and daily settlement report transmission etc.
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  • Details of each merchant/MID's report.
  • Transaction data report document retrieval.


  • Add, edit and search merchant details and status.
  • Merchant notification sender module.


  • Secure partner operator access
  • Partner operator roles’ management.


  • Merchant Settlement details report
  • Export report and secure transmission


With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Technology Support EasyApp systems provide merchants /MID’s with a low cost, feature rich, efficiency, and secure payment transaction system.
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Payment Gateway Integration

  • Integrated payment processing system
  • Multi-payment schemes management

Risk and Fraud Management

  • User KYC verification on-going risk management.
  • Real-time monitors against fraud transaction.

Support and Services

  • 24/7 Local customer support
  • Payment operations and other professional services

Security & Compliance

  • High-level privacy and data protection policy.
  • World-class cloud security compliance standards.

One Payment SaaS Platform

As a cloud application platform with the importance of fast and reliable service, a robust product, and seamless integration. Whether enterprises offer a sales tool, a marketing platform, a data management system, or anything between, with EasyApp All-in-one Payment Platform, users will have access to best-in-class payment services and fraud protection.
EasyApp Application
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Payment SaaS Platform
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Big Data engine is business intelligence software services that helps enterprises to improve business scalability, operations and manage all information assets.

Data Analysis

  • Multi-dimensional Analysis

  • Data Penetration

  • Data Optimization

  • Real-time Data Analysis

Data Visualization

  • Visualized Scenario

  • Live Data Presentation

  • Diverse Data Connection

  • Intuitional Interaction

Data Marketing

  • Media & Social

  • Multi-Scenario Marketing

  • Coupon Spreading

  • Full Channel Distribution

Data Security

  • Multi Protection

  • Security Backup

  • Data Transmission Safety

  • Cloud Storage

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